Nimble Website Launches

Nimble Equipment
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After much anticipation our brand new website is live

Hi, we’re Nimble.

We’re a company with a commitment to innovate the ordinary.

How? Better design, increased functionality and a more enjoyable user experience. In other words, we take the equipment you use every day and we find a way to improve it.

Why? Why not…

Find all the details on our three product ranges

1. Explore the Nimble Storage System which includes the innovative Rail & Knuckle design, Flat Pack Trays and the Wire Baskets and Wall Panels.

2. View our Blue Shoes Stainless Steel Collection with blue wheels that not only look good, but function better.

3. Experience the modular CSSD tables that allow users to create a completely customised set up that works specifically for the users requirements.

Have a look at how Nimble is doing things.

Flat Pack Trays
Flat Pack Trays

Flexible and modular storage system that can be easily taken apart, cleaned and stored.