NEW Varios Combi Pro: Combining ultrasonic scaling and powder therapy

NSK France
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Incorporating the Advanced iPiezo Engine

Feedback function

The iPiezo engine powers the tip according to the pressure applied by the operator and thus behaves like a hand instrument, ensuring stable scaling performance.


Auto tuning automatically adjusts the oscillation frequency to deliver the desired power to the tip.

The tip adheres precisely to the tooth surface, enabling the clinician to properly sense the surface condition.

Independent unit and chamber

The detachable chamber and handpiece make it possible to easily switch between supragingival and subgingival applications and make the unit extremely user and maintenance friendly.

Powder Therapy to Clean Supragingival Areas Efficiently and Quickly

Stable powder spraying.

Fast and effective therapy.

Automatically sets powder therapy functions for supragingval or subgingival applications.

User-friendly handpiece and nozzle

The slim handpiece provides excellent accessibility and manoeuvrability inside the oral cavity.

The long, compact nozzle provides easier access to molars, reducing discomfort to both clinicians and patients by eliminating unnecessary lip and cheek stretching while maintaining a wide operative field.

Multi-Foot Control

NSK extensively researched foot movement and sensory feeling when developing the Multi-Foot Control to enable clinicians to operate the unit hands-free to facilitate uninterupted procedures.

Just using the foot the user can switch ultrasound or powder modes on or off and change power settings.

Combined with a hanger, this offers complete hands-free operations.

Keeps both powder types separate

No more clogging

NEW Varios Combi Pro: Combining ultrasonic scaling and powder therapy