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TITAN-PORT by PakuMed medical - Totally implantable port catheter system

TITAN-PORT Systems are totally implantable port catheter systems consisting of an injection chamber (port), a screw closure machanism, a self-sealing silicone membrane and a catheter. Each system includes a special access needle, a dilatator, catheter introducer, these instructions for use and a patient ID-card. Some sets contain introduction instruments and tunnelizers.

The portal chamber is made of hypoallergenic biocompatible titanium. This material is non-magnetic. The base plate has

holes for securing the system to the fascia with sutures.The portal chamber and the catheter can be disconnected.

The silicone membrane can be punctured frequently (up to 3000 times) with a suitable special needle, e.g. the enclosed SFN non-coring access needle. The membrane is highly resistant to pressure and holds the inserted needle reliably in place.

The catheter (various models, sizes and materials - depending on indication) can be shortened proximally to the individual length required. It bears calibration markings at 5 cm length intervals and is conically tapered at the tip. It has an additional opening at the side (especially to facilitate blood sampling). The arterial catheter has two additional distal fixation rings.

Introduction instruments include a puncture needle, a guide wire, and a dilatator which facilitate introduction of catheters into the blod vessels via Seldinger's technique.

The tunnelizer aids in passing the catheter through the subcutaneous tissues.

Only special non-coring portal access needles (e.g. SFN portneedles) should be used to puncture the port membrane. The needles exhibit a unique bevel and angle at the tip. This prevents punch defects of the membrane when the needle is inserted. Different lengths and diameters are available. 22 G or 20 Gauge is recommended for standard use. Each system contains a suitable needle.

The patient ID-card is filled out by the doctor who performed the implantation and is given to the patients who should always carry this document with them.

The instructions for use should also be available to nurses and doctors responsible for follow-up care.

Product specifications and serial number are listed in the catalogue. The contents of the product are labelled on each sterile package. The TITAN-PORT Systems are suitable for MRItreatment.


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