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NEW Vectra Automated Quantitative Pathology Imaging System by PerkinElmer

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The Vectra® 3 automated quantitative pathology imaging system is available as a 6-slide or 200-slide configuration. Both accurately detect and measure weakly expressing and overlapping biomarkers within a single H&E, IHC or IF intact FFPE tissue section or TMA. Vectra and inForm® software analysis combine the power of multiplexed biomarker imaging and quantitative analysis within a familiar digital pathology workflow to accelerate your cancer immunology research.

Tissue sections or TMAs can be labeled with immunofluorescent (IF) or immunohistochemical (IHC) stains, or with conventional stains such as H&E and trichrome. When using IF or IHC stains, multiple proteins can be measured on a per tissue, per cell, or per cell compartment (e.g. nuclear, cytoplasmic) basis - even when signals are spectrally similar, are located in the same cellular compartment or are obscured by autofluorescence.

Vectra 3 introduces the Phenochart™ whole slide contextural viewer with annotation capability into the digital workflow, where pathologists and technicians can navigate around slides and identify areas of interest for high-resolution multispectral acquisition. The system features automated slide handling, multispectral imaging technology, and unique pattern-recognition-based image analysis enabling quantitative data acquisition for up to 200 slides within a single batch run. It accurately measures protein and biomarker expression and morphometric characteristics in intact tissue sections for translational studies.

NEW Vectra Automated Quantitative Pathology Imaging System by PerkinElmer