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Petermann Baby Evacuation System

Place the baby evacuation system at a significantly marked place, close to the children beds in order to enable a quick and uncomplicated use in case of evacuation.

By using the safe baby evacuation system with belts taken over the career''s shoulder, two babies can be transported at the same time, respectively they can be passed on a second assistant person.

Open the foil packing and remove the evacuation bag. Open the evacuation bag and the clips of the safety belts. Put the belts sideways at the edge of the baby evacuation system. Safe the baby completely with the unit containing of blanket, mattress, and cushion etc. and put them into the evacuation system, same as into another bed. Then take the safety belts of the evacuation system that are on the side and close the clips over the blanket. Close the net material with the zipper on the top side. Make sure that the baby''s respiratory tracts are kept free!

Safely secured in the evacuation system prevent babies from falling out during transport. Carry the child with the evacuation system with both carrying loops over the shoulder to keep your hands free.

You can transport or pass on to another person two babies, each on one side. Protected and safe in their confident embedding in the evacuation system the baby can be evacuated to a secure area and – if necessary – receive medical care. The carrying belts are sewn up with an adjustable Velcro closure in order to facilitate carrying the evacuation system during the evacuation. The belt can be adjusted to the operator''s height in order to enable the diagonal setting of the belt over the head to the other shoulder.


  • Petermann