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PhysioFlow and Covid19

Frank Bour
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Noninvasive hemodynamics help in managing Covid19 survivors

PhysioFlow is a world-wide reference for noninvasive analysis of hemodynamic abnormalities (cardiac output and heart function), at rest and during exercise. It benefits from clinical recommendations from the AHA and ESC for cardiopulmonary exercise testing in heart failure, among others. Covid19 survivors may be mainly suffering from lung damages, but it is critical to evaluate their cardiac function and reserve during exercise. The goal is to optimize their rehabilitation and recovery and make them safer.

Lung disease patient undergoing rehabilitation
Lung disease patient undergoing rehabilitation

PhysioFlow evaluates the cardiac response to exercise. For instance a muted increase in stroke volume is a sign of heart failure (in this case right heart, due to lung disease). Practitioners might want to modify training regimens, and maybe postpone rehab altogether in certain cases.