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The healthcare institutions have increasingly targeted the investment focus to equipment and processes that allow continuous improvement and increased efficiency of services provided to patients. Accordingly, smart systems that allow traceability of procedures and equipment are a tool with impact on the quality and safety of patient care during their hospitalization.

One of the persistent problems in hospitals is the struggle of obtaining a real overview of the instruments stock, leading to overspending with instruments and difficulty to manage them so that they are in the right place at the right time. PROHS through Software S@TIS DM (Medical Devices) has a tool designed and developed to address these difficulties, providing the traceability of medical devices by means of identification of the instruments, simplifying processes and workflows of products associated with the Central sterile services department (CSSD) to the Operating Room (OR) and other services of the Hospital.

With S@TIS DM Software hospital officials have opportunity to examine the state of the instruments stock and where it is at any time, also it provides access to comprehensive and detailed information, identifying the four pillars of traceability - " who "," When "," Where "and" what ".

The software allows traceability of instruments through RFID or DATA MATRIX technology, however the whole system functions with bar codes, tracking said instruments throughout the CSSD processing. Furthermore, through independent sensors used in machines, the system performs a continuous comparison between the sterilization or wash cycle and a validated reference cycle, that provides confirmation of the correct disinfection or sterilization process the end of each cycle.

The system has several levels of access that allow a secure configuration, effective and adaptable to different responsibilities associated with it. Data can be accessed locally (in the CSSD) or remotely (any other place in the hospital), without disturbing the sterilization process. This service is in accordance with European standards.

This solution, in addition to allowing an easy and fast interaction, has a high adaptability, and can be installed in both the large hospitals or the smaller health clinics, always ensuring the process reliability and expandability latter on.

Feel free to contact PROHS S.A., in order to evaluate your CSSD needs and outline an implementation plan for the traceability software S@TIS DM.


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