Doctors 2.0 & You: the International Digital Health Congress

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Key topics will include : Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Communities, Connected Objects and Wearables, Mobile Apps, Serious Games and Simulation, 3D Printing

Doctors 2.0 & You, "the must attend digital health conference for all" in Europe, will take place in Paris May 26-27, 2016.

Doctors 2.0 & You is the only international event in Europe devoted to the state of the art tools and services linking patients and physicians with all healthcare stakeholders. Attendees are professionals, pharma and device industry, technologists, patients, payers and government.

Key topics will include artificial intelligence, augmented reality, 3d printing, connected objects as well as mobile apps and online communities. This interactive conference and exhibition will provide a 360° perspective of digital health.

Founder and conference curator, Denise Silber said more than 60 speakers “representing all walks of healthcare, will provide concrete examples of how to succeed in digital health.

Doctors 2.0 & You: the International Digital Health Congress