PARIS HEALTHCARE WEEK : New Signature for New Ambitions

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The 2016 Paris Healthcare Week will host HopitalExpo, GerontHandicapExpo, HIT, Intermeditech, and Salon Infirmier

The Paris Healthcare Week will take place in Paris, from 24 to 26 of May 2016. It is the French-speaking countries leading event dedicated to technologies, equipment and solutions to manage healthcare facilities. The event brings together 30,000 visitor- experts, decision makers and healthcare professionals involved in building, equipping, connecting and managing healthcare facilities, among which 15,000 healthcare professionals.

Under the sign of innovation, this year’s event is intended as a laboratory of ideas and solutions in health and medico-social areas. More than a major meeting, the Paris Healthcare Week offers beyond 700 exhibitors expected, thematic villages and animations designed for professionals.

While discovering the different sectors organized around the life of a healthcare facility (Welcome, Manage, Build, Equip, Connect), visitors can also attend the agora, workshops and round tables in free access, offering returns of experience on their professional practices. More than 100 speaking time is displayed among different sectors.

Paris Healthcare Week
Paris Healthcare Week