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Interview: “The Planmeca Compact i5 is a future-proof, ecological and safe investment”

As one of the world’s largest dental equipment manufacturers, Finnish company Planmeca is committed to providing products that can be enjoyed by dental practitioners and patients alike. Nowhere is this more evident than in the company’s new dental unit, the Compact i5—created for easy upgrade with new features as they are developed.

Dental Tribune International spoke with Kaisu Ilomäki, product manager for Planmeca’s dental care units, about what exactly makes the Compact i5 an ideal solution for dental practices.

Firstly, how is the Compact i5 designed to benefit patients?

There are a number of ways in which it benefits patients. The automatic leg rest ensures that sitting down is as easy as sitting down on a normal chair, and further creates a feeling of equality between the patient and dentist during the initial communication. This is very important, as loss of control can often be a cause of stress for patients.

It is also possible to choose custom-moulded Ultra Relax upholstery with viscoelastic filling that will provide maximum support for the patient, which is particularly appreciated in long treatment sessions. The memory foam adapts well to different body anatomies, thereby allowing the patient to relax.

And how is it designed to benefit the dental team?

The Compact i5 has a floating chair and small cuspidor base, enabling a lot of space for the legs and good positioning for the foot control. The vast delivery arm movement, together with the narrow upper part of the back-rest, also allows for easy access to treatment, and the balanced instrument arms enable comfortable and effortless instrument use. Planmeca Compact i5 adapts to different working habits, offering a wide variety of options.

In addition, owing to the integrated and automated infection control systems, the maintenance functions are easily and quickly performed, contributing to a safe treatment environment for both patient and dental team.

The Compact i5 has been designed with future proofing in mind. Could you briefly explain how it achieves this, and why this is a point of emphasis for Planmeca?

The Compact i5 is guaranteed to have a long life cycle, so it is important that upgrades to this unit are made possible. The modular design and software-controlled system make it possible for dental practitioners to first buy a basic set-up and then upgrade the unit with new features later on. Upgrading the existing unit with our Planmeca PlanID system, for example, will grant an unlimited number of user profiles, particularly useful in large group practices. It is also possible to add a newly introduced instrument, however, or to enable additional functionalities through a software upgrade.

We use primarily aluminium parts with a timeless design as well for the Compact i5, which helps to ensure that the dental unit will be stable and attractive in the future. Overall, the Planmeca Compact i5 is a future-proof, ecological and safe investment.

Will the Compact i5 be on display at the 2019 International Dental Show?

Of course! We invite all attendees to visit us at Stand G010/H011 in Hall 11.1, where they can experience not just the Compact i5 in action, but also our range of solutions for digital dentistry.

Thank you very much for the interview.


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  • Kaisu Ilomäki