Omeo Evolution 1 Wheelchair for Off-Road Adventures

Omeo Technology
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Conventional wheelchairs can only go where the ground is relatively smooth and flat, which means nature is mostly out of bounds to those that can’t walk. A new wheelchair developed by Omeo Technology, a company out of New Zealand, allows people to go off-road and visit new places.

The Omeo Evolution 1 has only two wheels, so it automatically balances the user during the ride. It has powerful motors to get up inclines and can rotate in place.

The wheelchair can be controlled with either a joystick or by the user leaning the torso forward and back, just like on hoverboards and Segways. This allows the user to control the device completely hands-free, allowing for freedom to do other tasks such as hunting and fishing.

It has LED headlights, a USB charger, storage compartment, cup holder that can also support fishing rods and umbrellas, and the whole thing is water resistant, so no worries when rain comes.

The Omeo Evolution 1 will soon be available for purchase around the world as the company ramps up production of the device.

Omeo Evolution 1 Wheelchair for Off-Road Adventures

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