Xometry’s distribution partnership with Mitsubishi Materials

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Partnership will offer DiaEdge and MOLDINO cutting tools via Xometry Supplies.

Xometry has entered into a national distribution agreement with Mitsubishi Materials U.S.A to offer select cutting tools on Xometry Supplies, its online store. Beginning in June, customers will be able to choose from the full line-up of DiaEdge and MOLDINO cutting tools, expanding the Xometry Supplies offering of CNC machine tooling by more than 25,000 items.

"Xometry Supplies allows for an online shopping experience where our manufacturing partners and customers can purchase the materials and tools they need to manufacture parts faster and at lower costs," says Jaa Aguilar, general manager of Xometry Supplies. "Adding a premier partner like Mitsubishi Materials U.S.A to our line card empowers our partners to quickly find the right tools they need without a time-consuming search."

"We believe that Xometry's vision of harnessing aritificial intelligence (AI)-driven algorithms to help machinists source the exact tools they need exactly when they need them will be an important, potentially game-changing innovation in cutting tool distribution," says Mike Bjerke, vice president and national sales manager for Mitsubishi Materials U.S.A.

Xometry’s distribution partnership with Mitsubishi Materials