Internet of Things gateway

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The Windows-based Simatic IPC127E Internet of Things (IoT) gateway features an ultra-compact 0.3L enclosure for easily integration into the control cabinet or machine.

The closed all-metal enclosure allows the new industrial PC to be used flexibly and without requiring maintenance even under harsh conditions.

The Simatic IPC127E allows to reliably acquire/collect/process/transfer data directly in the manufacturing environment. It can be flexibly used as IoT gateway between the cloud or company IT level and the production. Due to preconfigured variants, the users can always use the right product within a very short time.


High-performance data processing with highly compact design

Intel-Apollo-Lake series CPU: 2-core Intel E3930, 4-core Intel E3940

Power consumption <= 15W

Low waste heat in enclosure/control cabinet

Wake-on-LAN for remote-controlled switching between stand-by, active state

Solid-state drive: 32GB, 64GB, 128GB

2x/3x GBit Ethernet (teaming-capable)

PROFINET with RT functionality (via standard Ethernet)

2x/4x USB 3.0 ports

1x DisplayPort as graphic connection

Windows 10 LTSB 2016

Up to 50°C ambient temperature

Dust protection

LEDs for self-diagnostics

Internet of Things gateway