NewSound WattUp-enabled Primo W launched

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Primo W, a new wireless-charging hearing aid by the Asia-Pacific market grower, NewSound, was launched at the 64th Annual International EUHA Congress and Exhibition in October, 2019.

Partnered by the Energous Corporation, NewSound announced that the Primo W uses WattUp® 2.0 wireless charging. The Primo W package boasts the following features: app control for charging status, battery monitoring, program management; approximately 3.5 hours of charging time and up to 20 hours of working time; waterproof and dustproof exterior; full orientation freedom and 90-degree angle support; 8-channel DSP hearing capabilities; Energous’ WattUp wireless charging technology; all-in-one case for easy storage.

“NewSound’s Primo W hearing aid being announced this week at the EUHA Congress and Exhibition is the second of what we expect will be a number of hearables coming to market over the next several months based on our WattUp hearing aid / PSAP reference design,” said Stephen R. Rizzone, President and CEO of Energous Corporation. “We believe the features, functionality and performance associated with our hearing aid reference design will enable a whole new generation of hearing devices."

Boyang Li, CTO of NewSound, stressed the firm's emphasis on comfort for the user: "Since we were founded, we have remained committed to providing our customers with best-in-class hearing products that amplify their hearing experience. In doing so, we continuously explore the latest technology advancements that have the ability to solve some of the major pain points of our users. The biggest pain point is the frequent need to replace the tiny batteries in the device, so we are excited to be showcasing this next generation hearing aid solution that alleviates that frustration for users,” said

NewSound, which works on developing its product with companies including Bruckhoff, Oticon, Phonak, Siemens and Westone, has a presence in more than 50 countries. NewSound has established over 20 distribution centres in countries worldwide, including USA, Brazil, France, Turkey, Iran, Kuwait, and Malaysia.

Energous Corporation (Nasdaq: WATT) produced the award-winning WattUp® technology, which supports fast, efficient contact-based charging, as well as charging over-the-air. WattUp is a scalable, RF-based wireless charging technology that offers substantial improvements in contact-based charging efficiency, foreign object detection, with orientation freedom and thermal performance in relation to older, coil-based charging technologies. The technology can be designed into many different sized electronic devices for the home and office, as well as the medical, industrial, retail and automotive industries, and it ensures interoperability across products. As a systems solutions company, Energous develops silicon-based wireless power transfer (WPT) technologies and customizable reference designs. These include innovative silicon chips, antennas and software, for a large variety of applications, such as smartphones, fitness trackers, hearables, medical sensors and more. Energous received the world’s first FCC Part 18 certification for at-a-distance wireless charging, and the company has 215 awarded patents/allowed applications for its WattUp wireless charging technology to-date.

NewSound WattUp-enabled Primo W launched