Cabinets Feature Automated Dispensing to Reduce Costs

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The Smart Inventory Cabinets from Zimbis leverage automated dispensing to reduce the costs of managing and maintaining supplies, according to the company.

They feature safeguards that comply with Food and Drug Administration regulations and bidirectional integration with management software systems when needed. Also, they’re available through a subscription with no capital purchase required.

Designed to be highly configurable and customizable, the cabinets offer an array of compartment sizes to accommodate almost everything a dental office or laboratory may use. Doors protect larger items like impression material, alginate, and composites while compartmentalized drawers hold other components. Tiny “pico” compartments, with 60 to a drawer, can dispense burs, endodontic files, implants, and other small items.

Plus, the cabinets offer security measures for critical inventory while making it easier for staff members to get supplies they need quickly. Zimbis also automates the ordering process so suppliers are contacted when items reach reorder levels. The first cabinet in the lineup, the Zimbis 1000, is now available through a monthly subscription.

Cabinets Feature Automated Dispensing to Reduce Costs