Tongji Hospital in Wuhan offers 800 beds for coronavirus patients

Tongji Hospital
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Tongji Hospital in Wuhan, which is affiliated to the Huazhong University of Science and Technology, is set to provide 800 beds to cater to patients with severe coronavirus infection.

The news comes as refitting of isolation wards has been completed at the hospital’s Guanggu subdivision. Open wards have been separated into clean, semi-contaminated and contaminated areas with separate access.

At clean areas, doctors will be required to put on masks and protective suits, among other equipment. They have to pass via five doors, with disinfection at each door, to the nurse station and contaminated area.

As of the end of 10 February, the total death toll from the coronavirus epidemic reached 1,018, with nearly 43,000 infected cases globally, including 42,638 cases in mainland China.

Wuhan experienced the hardest hit due to the outbreak, resulting in a shortage of beds for patients.

The city already completed and opened two makeshift hospitals, Huoshenshan and Leishenshan.

It is also converting two exhibition halls and a sports stadium into temporary hospitals, which can receive more than 4,000 patients after completion.

The Wuhan Parlor exhibition centre alone is expected to accommodate 2,000 patients, and already more than 600 patients have joined the makeshift hospital.

The aim is to build additional prefabricated hospitals to bring the total capacity to over 10,000 beds.

Apart from hospitals, the city has started converting hotels, training centres and college dormitories to quarantine and treat coronavirus patients.

The aim is to build additional makeshift hospitals for coronavirus patients.

The aim is to build additional makeshift hospitals for coronavirus patients.

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