Contour Treats Brain Aneurysms Using Single Device

Cerus Endovascular
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Cerus Endovascular, a firm based in Fremont, California, won the EU’s CE Mark for the Contour Neurovascular System, the company’s flagship product. Designed to treat intracranial aneurysms, the Contour is a mesh braid that diverts and disrupts blood flow in and out of an aneurysm.

The device is positioned at the neck of the aneurysm and doesn’t enter deep into the fragile dome of the diseased structure. This helps to prevent accidents and sizing criteria are not as limiting as with devices, such as coils, that have to be properly sized to the volume of the dome. The Contour anchors on its own and can be pulled back into the delivery mechanism to allow it to be repositioned.

After delivery, the implant provides space for cells to grow across its mesh and the aneurysm undergoing thrombosis.

“As our clinical data experience grows, and more physicians use the system, results continue to be compelling – providing additional confirmation that the Contour Neurovascular System™ delivers an important clinical option and represents a new, and potentially disruptive, standalone solution for the treatment of bifurcated saccular intracranial aneurysms compared to currently available technologies,” said Dr. Stephen Griffin, President of Cerus Endovascular, in the company’s announcement. “Importantly, physicians who have used the System have highlighted the benefits inherent in its unique simplicity, including a simple sizing approach of the device to the aneurysm width, ease of deliverability and controlled deployment.”

Contour Treats Brain Aneurysms Using Single Device

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