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Why I use the Profin Reciprocating System

In order to practice minimally invasive dentistry, it is necessary to have tools like Dentatus’s Profin on hand. This is a system that offers a choice of contra-angle handpieces and flat diamond Lamineer Tips that move in a reciprocating axial direction. Here, Dr. Matthew A. Nejad shares what makes this shaping, contouring and polishing system his go-to solution for procedures such as the refining of existing restorations and the correction of disproportionate tooth sizes, among others.

Traditional rotary instruments can be bulky, unyielding, and aggressive to dentin and surrounding soft tissue, but there is one product that is unlike any other for accessing difficult-to-reach areas. Dentatus’s Profin follows tooth contours naturally with a unique reciprocating motion that provides a smooth, safe performance in a wide variety of situations. For those who appreciate being able to offer minimally invasive treatments, this system is an essential requirement.

Creating exquisite outcomes

As a biomimetic and esthetic dentist in Beverly Hills, I continually strive to achieve the most conservative and natural results for my patients. The Profin Reciprocating System allows me to create highly individual, anatomically correct shapes for exquisite outcomes and maximum patient comfort—and any touch-ups that may be needed are performed without risk of unintentional modification or damage to neighboring teeth.

Profin has a wide assortment of applications and is my go-to system for so many procedures. I can prepare, shape, contour and polish both natural dentition and cosmetic restorations with ease of access and enhanced flexibility in the tightest of spots. Before I purchased the system, I used to spend way too much time in finishing margins and trying to find ideal positioning and access. I now rely on this all-encompassing system to clean margins on cemented and direct restorations quickly and effectively. It successfully removes bulk and interproximal and subgingival residual bonding materials in an exceptional manner.

Dentistry can be frustrating without the right tools for any given procedure. All components of the Profin Reciprocating System are lightweight, durable, easy to maintain and affordable. Because they are flat, the tips are also very thin, which allows optimal access to all areas of the tooth without the risk of harming surrounding areas. In addition, the tips can be set to rotate freely and follow tooth contours naturally, or they can be locked radially for direct and specific modifications.

Increasing referrals

Since acquiring Profin, I have fixed countless cases that were referred to me because many dentists simply do not have this solution at their fingertips. Most recently, I refined a restoration with overhangs that had been done elsewhere. Using Profin provided an excellent alternative to replacing the restoration and an economical solution for the patient. I truly enjoy being able to offer solutions like this to my patients and I recommend Profin to my colleagues—at the same time, my own practice efficiency and profitability are enhanced.


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