BioVyzr is a portable shield and air purifier

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It looks like a space opera suit, but it could be one of the few ways to go to the movies or attend a concert in the near future.

As we’re slowly trying to get our social life started again, we’re still facing an unsolved problem: how are we supposed to reopen those spaces - concert-halls, cinemas, event locations - where maintaining the proper social distancing is impossible? A solution would be to rethink what our “personal space” could look like and how we could put a proper barrier between our respective personal spaces. The BioVyzr is a PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) that tries to achieve just that, by shielding the wearer’s face with a plastic anti-fogging shield and filtering the air the gets sucked in by a fan. It can be worn backpack-style thanks to a special neoprene vest that’s light and (supposedly) comfortable and it offers the same level of filtering of N95 mask.

Thanks to the shape of the shield, users will still be able to use their peripheral vision, but there won’t be any chance to look behind you without completely turning around.

Let’s face it, the BioVyzr looks like a bad sci-fi movie prop, but once we’ll be over the visual shock of seeing someone dressed in a spacesuit, this kind of solution could let us enjoy our social life quicker than just waiting for the pandemic to die out. We’ll look dorky, goofy and childish, but at least we’ll be out, again.

The BloVyzr Is a face-shield you can wear like a backpack

The BloVyzr Is a face-shield you can wear like a backpack