Neuromodulation Platform Alleviates Chronic Pain

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An innovative spinal cord stimulation system (SCS) treats chronic pain by delivering proprietary high frequency (HF) and other waveforms.

The Nevro (Menlo Park, CA, USA) Omnia system is a new SCS platform that offers a wide array of waveforms across the full SCS frequency spectrum, either separately or paired together with proprietary HF10. The system includes the Omnia programmer, a patient remote control that supports a programming capacity, allowing flexibility beyond the proprietary HF10 algorithm by providing the ability of employing additional waveforms. A third component is a redesigned, slimmer patient charger with an improved interface that is designed to last over ten years, no matter what stimulation profile is used.

An updated and upgradeable implantable pulse generator delivers an ultra-wide range of frequencies, between 2 and 10,000 Hz. In addition, the ability to pair frequencies allows Omnia to pair HF10--the most studied SCS therapy, with over 55,000 patients treated across the world--with other waveforms, including traditional, paresthesia-based stimulation, subthreshold 1 kHz therapy, or burst waveforms. In addition, the system has conditional full body magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) approval, and will be upgradeable to future waveforms and frequencies.

“This next-generation SCS system has been developed in close consultation with customers and is designed to provide a comprehensive solution to manage chronic pain. As conditions in the marketplace allow, we will be introducing Omnia to physicians throughout Europe,” said D. Keith Grossman, Chairman, CEO, and President of Nevro. “Omnia's versatility means that patients now have access to a full range of SCS solutions and physicians can have the peace of mind that when they implant the system, they will have the capabilities needed to achieve the best possible outcomes for their patients.”

“Nevro pioneered the development of HF10 therapy, which has been highly effective in managing chronic pain in my practice, and the new Omnia system provides an even more advanced platform,” said Werner Braunsdorf, MD, Chief Physician of the Clinic for Neurosurgery and Spine Surgery at the Magdeburg Hospital (Germany). “HF10 therapy has proven to be very effective in many studies as well as in clinical practice, but I believe there have been some instances where it would have been beneficial to pair HF10 therapy with other waveforms or offer different waveforms independently. Omnia now provides me with that unmatched versatility.”

The Senza Omnia SCS system

The Senza Omnia SCS system