IB Neuro Earns Recognition as National Standard for Use in High-grade Brain Tumors

Imaging Biometrics, LLC
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Imaging Biometrics, LLC (IB), a subsidiary of IQ-AI Limited and a recognized leader in quantitative imaging analysis for brain tumor diagnosis and treatment, today announced that the MRI DSC perfusion technology, first made commercially available in IB Neuro, earned recognition as the national standard for use in high-grade brain tumors.

This recognition was the outcome of the DSC-MRI Standardization Subcommittee of the Jumpstarting Brain Tumor Drug Development Coalition. The Committee’s findings, published in Neuro Oncology (Consensus Recommendations for a DSC MRI Protocol), provide evidence-based best practices for routine clinical use from both an MR acquisition and post-processing perspective. DSC, which stands for dynamic susceptibility contrast, is the most common perfusion MRI technology used for the evaluation of brain tumors.

This national consensus is long overdue. Despite its widespread use, MRI-DSC imaging has been plagued by inconsistent and suboptimal ways of acquiring and processing DSC-MRI data resulting in mixed opinions regarding its usefulness. Instead, IB Neuro has been honed and developed, over two decades, to account for subtle nuances in data acquisition and post-processing. It is the only MRI-DSC platform that offers truly quantitative output regardless of scanner platform, field strength, or time point and is the only commercial platform validated with tissue biopsy samples by multiple institutions. More recently, a low contrast agent dosing scheme was validated using IB Neuro. This reduced contrast alternative provides excellent agreement with the accepted double-dose protocol and is being adopted by more and more sites.

Michael Schmainda, CEO of IB, added, “We continue to advance our understanding and application in MRI-DSC imaging, and IB Neuro is foundational in that regard. The automated and quantitative processing in IB Neuro is also the default standard for the National Clinical Trials Network and is widely available for routine clinical use.”

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IB Neuro Earns Recognition as National Standard for Use in High-grade Brain Tumors