Sensoria Wellness Coach in IoT Smart Cushion for Wheelchair Users

Sensoria Health
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(Los Angeles, California, July 28, 2020) Sensoria Health announced today that it completed development of the first IoT connected, comfortable and AI enabled cushion and software system designed for wheelchair users to reduce risk of ulceration.

The fully functional smart cushion and mobile app prototype is currently being tested at Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center in Los Angeles. The hospital and research center have earned the highest status as a spinal cord injury care facility and it is the only nationally designated spinal cord injury model system on the West Coast.

Dr. Jeffery Rankin, PhD, Co-Director of Rehabilitation Engineering at Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center, says: “After working with other similar products under development in the past, we have been thrilled with both the consistency, quality, and accuracy of the data provided by the Sensoria® Mat. The mobile application provides all the necessary information required for the system to be an effective rehabilitation and training tool. In addition, this information is presented through an elegant and intuitive interface that has been well-received by our clinicians and patients. We are excited to continue to collaborate with Sensoria Health on refining and testing this exciting new product.”

Studies have shown that in-seat movement is the cornerstone of pressure injury prevention for any wheelchair user. The new textile pressure sensor infused Sensoria® Mat, Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms and mobile app coach users when to change position and monitor how often and how well they execute pressure relief activities.

There are over 2.7 million wheelchair users and about 3 million people who suffer from pressure ulcers in the US alone. Our body is not designed to sit for long hours every day without regular movement. Once a patient develops a pressure injury, the healing process is long and painful and may include prolonged bed rest, intensive wound care, and reconstructive surgery. Treatment cost is estimated to be $26.8B and every year 60,000 people die from complications directly related to pressure ulceration in the US. However, research has demonstrated that executing just a few simple weight shifts and pressure relief activities multiple times a day can substantially reduce the risk of developing “hot spots” under bony areas which can then lead to ulceration.

How Sensoria® Mat Works

Each Sensoria® Mat is hand-made, and is composed of two parts. First, a cushion is carefully crafted with skin refreshing gel and comfortable memory foam paired with a proprietary mat insert that is infused with soft textile pressure sensors. The second component, Sensoria® Core, is a Bluetooth Smart rechargeable, miniaturized IoT hub device that snaps into the insert to collect pressure relief data and helps wheelchair users maintain their daily rehab routine, stay healthy and reduce risk of ulceration.

For those interested in continuing to use their own cushion, the sensorized textile mat may also be removed from the provided Sensoria cushion and positioned directly under their own existing cushion to provide similar functionality. The new Sensoria® Mat leverages software, electronics and pressure sensors to coach individuals on a set of activities and reminds users to perform them multiple times a day.

“The Sensoria® Mat is extremely easy-to-use and comfortable. It has greatly improved communication between me and my coach as well as enhanced my workout results. I would definitely recommend this product!” Stated Garrison Redd, team USA top powerlifter athlete, professional football coach and disabled rights activist in New York.

The Sensoria® Mat system monitors frequency, number of repetitions and quality of each pressure relief exercise.

The Sensoria® Mat Mobile Application & Clinician Dashboard

The mobile app collects real-time data which can be shared with a coach, or a clinician, physical therapist, caregiver or loved ones. The Sensoria® Mat mobile application and remote monitoring dashboard allow the user and clinician to set the desired frequency and duration of the pressure relief activity to ensure individualized guidance to reduce risk of ulceration. Clinicians will soon be able to analyze and monitor patients remotely via the Sensoria Cloud Dashboard built on the HIPAA compliant Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Anyone interested in getting the first Sensoria® Mat units and the Android or iOS mobile app can sign up for the Early Adopter packages starting from just $99. To unlock development of different sizes, buyers will be able to unlock higher threshold tiers. People will be able to receive their Sensoria® Mat system for the Holidays! Send email to or learn more at:

After the campaign the projected retail price for Sensoria® Mat will be $299.


About Sensoria Health Inc.

Sensoria Health is a leading developer of remote patient monitoring Internet of Me (IoMe) wearables, smart accessories and artificial intelligence software solutions that help improve people’s lives. Sensoria’s proprietary sensor infused smart textiles, Sensoria Core microelectronics and cloud system enable accessories, footwear and clothing to convert data into actionable information for consumers, patients, caregivers and clinicians remotely and in near-real time.

Sensoria Mat helps reduce risk of developing pressure ulcers by reminding, coaching and tracking rehab and pressure relief activities in real-time

Sensoria Mat helps reduce risk of developing pressure ulcers by reminding, coaching and tracking rehab and pressure relief activities in real-time

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