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Liu Yuzhi
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Catheters are helpful to patients with neurogenic bladder (an inability to pass urine), but its long-term use can result in irreversible disuse atrophy of the bladder and a reliance on catheters in the future.

As such, With U is a smart urine-control device designed to prevent bladder shrinkage and to rebuild urinary reflex (micturition reflex) for patients in recovery. The system is strapped to the thigh and comprises a smart controller that connects the catheter to the redesigned drainage bags (stage 1) and drainage tubes (stage 2).

Via a sensor, the controller determines the bladder capacity by tracking the pressure in the bladder. This data is sent to the App in real-time. In stage 1, the drainage bag collects the urine to prevent disuse atrophy of the bladder muscles. An in-built valve in the controller – which is normal closed to let urine accumulate in the bladder – won’t open till the bladder is 80% full. In stage 2, the controller vibrates to signal that the bladder is full. To release the urine via the drainage tube, the user opens the valve by pressing both buttons on both sides of the controller. Grooves on the controller also help users locate the buttons over their clothes.



Liu Yuzhi, Zhang Yulong, Zhou Yin, Zhu Jiafeng , China

With U

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