Have Confidence in Your Sample Integrity with Gilson's Pipettes, Tips, and Service

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For more than 60 years, we've been partnering closely with the scientific community to inspire the evolution of our pipettes, tips, and services. Our trio of excellence protects the integrity of your samples - because confidence in the reliability and reproducibility of your results is invaluable.

Pipettes Designed with You in Mind

Your pipettes' accuracy, comfort, and reliability are a top priority, and we ensure that's reflected in our range of ergonomic and durable pipettes. Today, Gilson offers various pipettes in a range of designs and volume sizes that enhance your pipetting experience and help you achieve reproducible and reliable results.

From our PIPETMAN® L, designed to minimize fatigue during intensive pipetting, to our MICROMAN® E, built for viscous or volatile liquid handling, we have the perfect pipette created with your needs in mind.

Tips Created to Maximise Reliability

Sample integrity is at the core of what we do at Gilson every day, and we know that starts with high-quality materials. Our tips are made of the highest-grade materials in a sterile, clean-room environment, ensuring they are free of contaminants that can affect your results.

Not all tips are created equal, and we're proud of the high standard we've created using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. We offer an extensive range of tips with easy-to-identify packaging that fits your budget and research needs, from positive displacement tips to sterilised filter tips.

Services and Training that Support You

Gilson's commitment to our customers doesn't end at purchase. We have a team of dedicated service, support, and training experts worldwide that are on-call and ready to help you maximise the performance of your instruments. Regular maintenance helps to extend the life of your instruments and saves valuable time and money by avoiding unexpected interruptions.

Contact our team of experts, and they can handle any questions or feedback you have about your Gilson instruments. We promise to provide unparalleled support throughout the entirety of your instrument's lifespan.

Have Confidence in Your Sample Integrity with Gilson's Pipettes, Tips, and Service