'Robustnest': a compact and portable newborn incubator defends against hypothermia

Fabien Roy
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According to UNICEF, each year in Sub-saharan Africa, more than a million newborns pass away from hypothermia during their first month of life. Existing incubators in industrialized countries lack to fulfill the technical specifications of this context, mainly due to their failure to produce heat during frequent power blackouts and their vulnerability to harsh conditions like high humidity rates, dust, and raised temperatures.

The master project by ÉCAL student Fabien Roy is dubbed ‘robustnest’ and takes form as a portable newborn incubator that is adapted to district hospitals. The project developed in collaboration with ELPF’s Essential Tech Center will be presented at Alcova during Milan Design Week 2021 held from september 5-10.

Fabien Roy, a designer and architect, and a student of Swiss University ÉCAL has developed ‘robustnest’, a compact, durable and affordable incubator for infants. The project is suited for patient transportation in vehicles, can resist frequent power cuts due to its thermal battery by ELPF — ensuring babies stay warm — and is assembled by components that can be easily replaced locally.

Besides Milan Design Week, ‘robustnest’ project will also be presented at the exhibition of the Swiss Design Awards which will take place during Art Basel at the end of the month.

Project info:

Name: robustnest

Designed by: Fabien Roy, master student of university ÉCAL

Developed: in collaboration with ELPF Essential Tech Center

Photography: Noé Cotter

'Robustnest': a compact and portable newborn incubator defends against hypothermia

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