What are temporary crowns, and what are they made of?

Anne deLeeuw
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A temporary crown is a tooth-shaped cap that a dentist fixes to a damaged tooth or crown before putting a permanent crown in place. The crown acts as a barrier against bacteria and secures the tooth that the permanent crown will cap.

Without a temporary crown, the tooth may shift, meaning that the permanent crown will not fit properly.

Temporary crowns are similar to natural teeth in shape and size. They cover any visible remaining portion of the affected teeth.

Although they are strong enough to withstand a regular bite, temporary crowns are made from less substantial materials than permanent dental crowns, so they may crack more easily. Dentists do not cement them into place as securely as permanent crowns.

Most dentists can make temporary crowns, which they form from acrylics or stainless steel in their offices. However, dental laboratories produce permanent crowns using materials such as:

. metals

. porcelain

. porcelain fused to metal

. resin

. ceramic

What are temporary crowns, and what are they made of?