The new bioreactor HABITAT

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Whether mixing, temperature control, automation, safety or design - this new bioreactor combines all of IKA's core competencies and yet is a true innovation. With HABITAT, IKA launches its first own bioreactor - with the aim to significantly improve the device and its handling.

First bioreactor with lid stand

HABITAT is the first laboratory bioreactor with a stand. The lid never has to be put down. The motor is hooked onto the side of the stand and the sensors are safely stowed away. All this ensures ergonomic working, a tidy laboratory and faster emptying.

New mixing mode

IKA’s engineers have developed a new mixing mode especially for HABITAT. In Chaotic Mode, the mixing of the reactor content follows the mathematical principle of chaotic-dynamic systems. This ensures even faster and more effective mixing

Individual PID handling

The individual PID handling gives laboratories control options for scaling growth processes. The administrator does not have to be a simulation expert. If the temperature values are manipulated, the software checks the consequences of the change for the processes.

Broad range of applications

Depending on the type of cells to be cultivated, laboratories can use HABITAT as a bioreactor or - in combination with thermostats from IKA - as a fermenter. By connecting LED light panels, HABITAT even becomes a photobioreactor. It is the only bioreactor in its class with a motor size that matches the volume.

Short training time

Right from the first handle, the detachable tablet and intuitive operating software make the work easier. HABITAT's intelligent calibration management makes the calibration of temperature, pH and DO sensors straightforward. All test components (reactor size, stirrer, etc.) and all measurements are stored. And the four integrated peristaltic pumps facilitate cell harvesting. Thus, the entire handling is simple and the learning time is short. Longer experiments can run safely without permanent personal supervision on site.

The new bioreactor HABITAT

The new bioreactor HABITAT

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