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Vein Visualization Device Allows Clinicians to Accurately View Center-Line Regardless of Distance

Up to 90% of patients receive IV therapy at some point during their hospital stay, making it the most commonly performed invasive medical procedure in the U.S., and around the globe. Although it is routine, venipuncture can be technically challenging.

When multiple venous access attempts are required, it is associated with increased patient morbidity, as well as increased utilization of staff and medical supplies. Clinicians often use vein visualization (also known as vein illumination) uses Near-infrared (NIR) imaging for detecting veins. Now, an innovative vein visualization device allows clinicians to accurately view the center-line of a vein regardless of the distance for better- informed decision-making and accurate needle/catheter placement.

The AV500 vein visualization device from AccuVein Inc. (Medford, NY, USA) uses the company’s True Center technology that allows clinicians to accurately view the center-line of a vein regardless of the distance. AccuVein’s vein visualization technology projects a vivid map on the skin detailing underlying superficial veins, bifurcations and intraluminal valves, often invisible to the naked eye. The AccuVein AV500 employs two safe barcode-scanner class lasers that work in tandem to provide a real-time image of the subcutaneous vasculature up to 10mm deep. Unlike other vein illumination devices, the AV500 is permanently aligned and there is no need for device calibration prior to use. There are no other currently marketed NIR vein visualization devices that offer these distinct technological advancements.

The AV500 has a unique laser camera projector that enables its small, handheld design and always in focus projection, allowing for permanent alignment. All other projection vein systems require preventive maintenance to ensure that they stay in alignment. In addition, the AV500 uses a low power Class 1 laser ensuring eye safety without requiring any special protective gear. The AV500 has also been upgraded with a simplified bright OLED display that provides current device status in an easy to read and understand manner using large, very visible icons. Three buttons allow the user to switch from dark veins on a green background to green veins on a dark background, change the brightness to fit the ambient conditions, and set automatic timeout from 10 minutes to always on to fit the specific clinical need.

“Starting a peripheral IV (PIV) catheter is the most common invasive procedure in health care. Our mission is to improve the standard of care as it pertains to peripheral venous assessment and access so placing a PIV becomes as safe, effective, efficient and cost effective as possible,” said Thomas Hopkins, Chief Medical Officer at AccuVein Inc. “We are extremely proud and committed to offering our healthcare heroes the latest advancement in NIR vein visualization technology. To further underscore our commitment to clinicians, we now provide customized training and education support to improve confidence and competence at the bedside, and help healthcare delivery teams with onboarding new staff.”


  • Medford, NY, USA
  • AccuVein Inc.