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Innovative Medical Training Models Showcased on ABHI UK Pavilion at MEDICA 2022

UK medical equipment manufacturer Adam,Rouilly will be joining the ABHI UK Pavilion at MEDICA 2022 (14 – 17 November 2022) to showcase their new innovative range of medical training models to support healthcare professionals perfect all manner of essential clinical and nursing skills.

The company – who supply a comprehensive range of pioneering Anatomical Models, Anatomical Charts and Clinical Skills Simulators – will be showcasing some of their latest products, including the pioneering GlucoHand® Glucometer Simulator.

The device has been developed in collaboration with Nina Godson, Senior Lecturer & Lead for Clinical Skills at Coventry University, to aid understanding and teaching of blood sampling and the interpretation of glucose level data and its implications in patient treatment planning.

Also being showcased is the Cricoid Pressure Trainer®, developed in collaboration with Consultant Anaesthetist Dr Osman Abdelatti, to help facilitate training in the application of the correct amount of cricoid pressure, which is routinely used during emergency and obstetric anaesthesia and ventilation.

A full colour digital display offers instant visualisation of the degree of cricoid pressure being applied. Feedback about how the procedure and how long the correct cricoid pressure was held is presented in a graph at the end of the session - allowing for instant discussion and debriefing.

In addition, Adam,Rouilly will be presenting their Rectal Examination Model which has been improved in collaboration with the Spinal Injuries Association to offer additional functionality making the model more versatile and lifelike. The model now provides training in stool assessment, general rectal examination and examination of an abnormality, manual stool extraction as well as enema training and insertion of liquid rectal medication.

The company will also have several other exciting simulators and models on display at this year’s event.

Tariq Shahab, he is our Director of Sales & Marketing, said: “We are delighted to be showcasing our innovative medical training models and simulators at MEDICA 2022. Our large range of products have been purposely designed and developed in direct response to customers' requirements and through a combination of robust research and development and collaboration with leading clinicians and world-class medical institutions. Our experienced and knowledgeable team are always pleased to give advice about our products, and we look forward to joining the ABHI at this year’s show to showcase how our exciting new solutions can support the training needs of healthcare professionals worldwide.”

About 422 million people worldwide have diabetes, and effective diabetes management is now a growing part of the general skills which all clinicians must possess.

Adam,Rouilly’s GlucoHand® model features a simulated glucometer device which can be pre-set by the trainer to give a low, normal, high or completely randomised blood glucose reading – allowing control for training or simulation scenarios. It also includes a realistic adult sized hand, with two refillable finger pads in the middle and ring fingers containing mock blood. Once a sample of mock blood has been successfully obtained from the fingertip and placed on the test strip, the glucometer will display the predetermined reading which must then be interpreted by the student. The model provides a cost effective and complete training solution for all aspects of blood glucose sampling for medical students, care givers and even patient education.

Studies have also shown that 95% of clinicians were unable to identify the correct amount of force required to occlude the oesophagus and that 87% were incapable of applying the correct amount of force. The Cricoid Pressure Trainer aims to significantly enhance training utilising the device’s realistic anatomical structures and instantaneous electronic feedback.

At this year’s MEDICA trade fair (taking place from 14 – 17 November 202) visitors will be able to learn more about how these innovative devices function by visiting Adam,Rouilly on the ABHI UK Pavilion - Hall 16 Stand K48. For more information, visit


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