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BenQ Materials Corp. Will Showcase Diversified Medical Applications in MEDICA 2022 in Germany

BenQ Materials Corp. will lead our four professional medical brands, Anscare, SIGMA, Cenefom and CUUMed, to participate in MEDICA 2022(booth: 6B42) in Germany on Nov 14-17. The main theme of MEDICA 2022 continues last year's “From Hospital to Home”, demonstrating our core expertise to develop integrated solutions with materials science through various medical field applications.

Anscare focuses on providing products for all stages of wound care, covering both hospital and home applications. In particular, the SIMO negative pressure wound treatment system won the RedDot award in 2019 because of its lightweight and portable. It’s easy to continue the NPWT outside the hospital with less expensive.

SIGMA is a first-rate sterilization packaging manufacturer and the second Asia brand to join SBA (Sterile Barrier Association). Our medical film blown by a seven-layer extrusion machine with excellent formation, transparency, and puncture resistance. In addition, SIGMA is certified by the TAF as the first and sole laboratory with third-party impartial testing credentials.

Cenefom’s air-foaming PVA sponge is manufactured using proprietary high-end air expansion technology. Compliant with high medical-grade standards, it is widely used in surgical fields, including ophthalmic, ENT, NPWT wound dressing and medical tampons.

CUUMED specializes in catheter manufacturing solutions, catheter design, and construction for optimal catheter performance.

Personifying BenQ Materials’ spirit to “Live with Innovation”, SIGMA, Anscare, Cenefom and CUUMED’s products are designed with innovation applied to all levels of medical care. Join us at booth #6B42 to learn more about our capabilities in the intersection of advanced materials and manufacturing.


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