Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein signs agreement for Lunit’s AI solution

Lunit Inc.
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The hospital will operate Lunit’s AI solution to screen chest x-ray images.

Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein in São Paulo, Brazil has signed an agreement for Lunit’s AI solution for chest x-ray image analysis.

Under the software license agreement, Lunit will supply its AI solution, Lunit INSIGHT CXR, for chest x-ray image analysis to the Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein for a period of three years until 2025.

The hospital will operate the AI solution from Lunit to screen chest x-ray images in its intensive care unit and emergency room in addition to in-patient examinations.

Lunit CEO Brandon Suh said: “We are thrilled to provide Lunit’s AI solution to the Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, one of the most trusted medical institutions in South America and the world.

“Through this new partnership, Lunit will continue to actively expand our business in South America.”

Lunit INSIGHT CXR has been designed for detecting suspicious lesions in chest x-ray images and provides the lesion location with an abnormality score that reflects the AI’s confidence level.

This helps radiologists differentiate disease areas.

Additionally, the solution is capable of detecting 10 of the most common chest abnormalities with an accuracy of 97-99% and supports tuberculosis screening.

The abnormalities include pulmonary fibrosis, pulmonary nodules, and pneumothorax.

Founded in 1955, Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein is a non-profit civil organisation. It operates in private and public health in all stages of healthcare, consulting, teaching and education, research and innovation, and social responsibility.

The structure consists of 22 private healthcare units. It also has 29 units in the Public Health System (SUS).

Lunit INSIGHT CXR AI solution for chest x-ray image analysis.

Lunit INSIGHT CXR AI solution for chest x-ray image analysis.