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Merivaara Q-Flow™

Now available in three variants for ease of specification

The award-winning Merivaara Q-Flow™ range of LED operating lights is now available in three model variants to make specification simpler for new build theatre projects or upgrades.

Merivaara Q-Flow™ surgical lights are already installed and operational in a wide range of healthcare facilities throughout the UK and Ireland. The LED lights deliver outstanding optical performance and illumination and best in class colour rendering while the unique ring design optimises air flow above the surgical area. Designed to improve efficiency in operating theatres by reducing staff fatigue, heat output and energy consumption, the lights offer a unique shadow reduction system to aid the surgery team, and can incorporate HD cameras for observation or teaching.

The range of Q-Flow™ surgical lights offer an illuminance intensity up to 160,000 lux. They deliver a deep column of light to the surgical site with three colour temperature options. All Q-Flow™ theatre lights offer a green or white ambilite for easy viewing on screens and monitors.

Q-Flow™ surgical lighting delivers colour rendering with Ra, R9 and R13 values of 98, enabling surgeons to visualise tissue and vascular colours more easily. R13 is particularly important in plastic surgery to enhance skin detail.

The Q ring shape of Q-Flow™ theatre light is designed to optimise clean air flow, reducing the risk of surgical infections. It has a best-in-class turbulence intensity of 15.9% complying with DIN1946.

The three model variants are Q-Flow™ Fluent, Vision and Intelligent.

Q-Flow™ Fluent operating theatre light provides a cost-effective solution, suitable for day surgery and elective procedures, providing excellent optical performance and sterile surgeon control features for brightness or field size.

The mid-range Q-Flow™ Vision surgical light can be used for a broad range of surgery types and can be integrated with a full HD camera to deliver video streaming.

Q-Flow™ Intelligent is a highest-specification operating light with features including an intuitive sterile handle (Intueri™) for adjustability of brightness and light field, and Dynamic Obstacle Compensation (DOC™) eliminates shadows to the surgical area. It can also be equipped with an integrated full-HD camera.

The Q-Flow™ surgical lighting range is available in various configurations including ceiling or wall mounted in addition to mobile, with solo, duo, trio, and quad arm options. Each option is easily manoeuvred by clinical teams and is compatible with OpenOR™, MeriMote™ and Bender CP9 theatre control panels.

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