Melody Yi-Yun
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No more pictures with this new device

Pregnancy, what a wonderful and intense experience for parents! But it’s even more profound for women! Lots of future mums develop anxiety during pregnancy and release stressful hormones into the womb.

This is clearly normal because having a baby is tiring and full of inner sensations. Not being able to actually see the baby is a big barrier for many future mothers; who knows what’s going on in there?

Melody Yi-Yun is the brainchild behind the PreVue, a wearable pregnancy ultrasound. It’s an abdominal monitor, the keypad is intuitive and easy to use. Moreover, it allows the father to connect with the foetus!

The logic behind this is to keep the mothers in a positive state of mind. Establishing early bonding prolongs maternal relationship post-birth as well as delivering a healthy child. PreVue not only gives you the opportunity to interact and record a continuous growth development throughout gestation, but also an early understanding of the unborn child’s personality as you see it yawning, rolling, smiling etc., bringing you closer to the day your baby finally rests in your arms.