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Nurses''life made easier and Patients safeguarded with a unique drug delivery system by Q-Core

Sapphire is based on Q-Core''s unique, three-pillar approach combining patented technology, an intuitive touch-screen interface, and built-in reliability and cost-effectiveness. This provides a versatile, future-ready drug delivery system.

The Sapphire range of products includes:

-Infusion pumps – That can be easily programmed at the point of care for multiple therapies: continuous, intermittent, piggyback, TPN, PCA, multi-step and epidural.

-Dedicated administration sets – Featuring Q Core''s patented disposable cassette interface.

- Accessories – Such as an ergonomic bolus handle, convenient pouch for ambulatory applications, and more.

- Advanced software – Drug libraries, Uploader and Event Viewer.

- Veterinary pumps – Q Core''s advanced technology for veterinary use


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