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PA-04/H automatic vibrating feeder is intended for automatic dispensing of small objects: pills, capsules and small mechanical components. The feeder ensures regular feeding of the elements onto the weighing pan of a balance to which it is connected.

The mechanical design of the device is based on cylindrical vibrating feeder with conical or stepped storage bin offered in stainless steel version. Due to application in pharmaceutical industry, the feeder’s storage bin is continuously welded both inside and outside.

PA-04/H can be controlled using balance or the feeder itself.The most important functions are: control of the dosing start and stop and adjustment of objects feeding frequency. Additionally, feeder's keypad enables emptying the storage bin. PA-04/H features diodes indicating connection to the mains, device operation and vibration level.

The feeder cooperates with the following RADWAG-manufactured laboratory balances:

AS 3Y analytical balance

XA 4Y analytical balance

PS 3Y precision balance

Watch a video presenting PA-04/H operation:


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