AGV-4/1000 Automatic Comparator for determination of mass standard's density and volume

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AGV-4/1000 Automatic Comparator

The new automatic AGV-4/1000 comparator determines density and volume of mass standards of class E1 ranging between 1g-1kg in accordance with OIML R111. The comparator enables density determination to be carried out simultaneously for 3 mass standards using one reference weight.

AGV-4/1000 is equipped with a specially designed loader for loading and unloading the magazine with mass standards, an additional circulator eliminating air bubbles and compensating liquid temperature, and a top-class liquid temperature sensor. A weighing pan suspended on wires of 0.3 mm diameter significantly minimizes the eccentricity and the influence of liquid surface tension.

AGV-4/1000 Automatic Comparator
AGV-4/1000 Automatic Comparator

Determination of mass standard's density and volume

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