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Randox Announces 8 new Programmes for RIQAS

Randox Laboratories
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Randox Quality Control are pleased to announce, as part of our ongoing growth and development, the launch of 8 new RIQAS EQA Programmes, with cycles scheduled to begin in March 2016.

The new programmes are; CSF, Sweat Testing, Immunosuppressants, Trace Elements in Serum, Trace Elements in Urine, Trace Elements in Blood, Anti-TSH Receptor, Cyfra 21-1.

These new RIQAS programmes will provide clinical laboratories with the ability to review calibration issues, systematic errors and monitor accuracy and bias. Furthermore these laboratories will be able to assess their analytical performance in comparison with other laboratories which are employing the same instrument or methods.

Our new programmes are available in liquid and lyophilised formats, covering the full clinical decision range, reassuring clinicians and patients that the results your laboratory is releasing are accurate and reliable. Monthly reporting supports the rapid identification of errors and allowing you to implement the necessary corrective actions therefore saving you the need for expensive and time consuming patient sample retests.

Finally our rapid report turnaround will ensure that you receive you results within 24-72 hours and, if required, corrective actions can then be implemented before the next cycle, saving valuable time and money by eliminating the need for expensive retests and providing peace of mind.

RIQAS is the largest international EQA scheme used by more than 32,000 laboratory participants in 123 countries. With large, international peer groups such as this you can be confident of the statistical validity of our extensive database of instrument and method results.

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Randox Announces 8 new Programmes for RIQAS

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