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Acusera Liquid HbA1c Control

Randox QC
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Randox Acusera Controls

Randox Quality Control are pleased to announce, as part of our ongoing growth and development, the newest Quality Control to our Acusera range – Liquid HbA1c. This new control is available to order now with material made and ready to be shipped.

This new control is supplied in a convenient liquid ready-to-use format therefore removing the need for sample preparation. The control has been designed to significantly reduce preparation time, in addition to wastage reduction and cost savings, mainly thanks to an unparalleled open vial stability of 30 days at 2ºC to 8ºC. Two clinically significant levels of control are provided in a user-friendly, bi-level pack. This, coupled with the availability of assayed target values will ensure accurate instrument performance at key decision levels while ultimately facilitating reliable diagnosis of Diabetes.

With many more controls available across our portfolio, including chemistry, immunoassay, haematology, cardiac, serology and more, this Liquid HbA1c is further evidence of Randox’s ever expanding reputation across the globe and our dedication to improving health worldwide.

Acusera Liquid HbA1c Control

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