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Shower- Commode- Chairs, Series SCC 200

Its characteristics are the blow-molded, ergonomically designed mono bloc backrest and open-front seat, offering seating comfort and ease of handling and cleaning by the caregiver.

Due to its modular design, the blow molded seat can be exchanged against either a classic toilet seat or the more comfortable RCN soft seat, made of PUR-foam. The choice is yours.

Various options are available for this basic model to make sure that one can select exactly the type of chair that fits a user''s need perfectly.

The model SCC 200 BS FT (pictured) includes the easy to use slide out foot rest that is never misplaced and prevents the chair from tipping forward should one accidentally step on it.

Consider these quality features:

Frame made of high quality RCN plastic

Mono block backrest with integrated push-handles

Mono bloc open front seat

Slide-out, anti-tip foot rest

Four 75mm twin-wheel, never rust casters, all locking

Can be placed over a toilet

Easy to clean

Weight capacity 150 kg

Five year warranty

Never rust, guaranteed

Color choice: grey or cobalt

There is no better chair at an entry level cost available, period.