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ERGORET workstations by REITEL

This redesigned ergonomic workstation reduces lengthy procedures by offering best conditions to minimise strain and tiredness. The beechwood base laterally bevelled ensures optimal hand placement. Two spacious drawers with soft insert are ideal for tool storage. The upward opening protective glass cover accommodates a stainless steel tray and a trap for coarse waste as well as an air blast nozzle, conveniently

activated by a lever. The optional noble metal filter prevents accidental aspiration. An adapter for handpiece, several sockets and control elements at the front complete the unit. The ERGORET CC can be used in a standing or sitting position, providing variable height adjustment via a lever. Potentially detrimental waste, dust, gases and fumes, which arise from grinding, glueing, devesting, trimming and other operations can be safely extracted by the suction at the back of the unit. Additionally a REITEL DUSTY or central suction unit can be connected to the unit. Perfect LED lighting and the hinged magnifying glass extend the workstation’s function as a quality control/inspection unit. The ERGORET CC is now available in red, grey and white.The redesigned ERGORET AQUA with corrosion-resistant stainless steel housing is designed for trimming and cutting under wet conditions, where protection for health and clothes is requirement; it is especially useful when processing zirconium. If needed, optional water cleaning, activated by the foot control, is also available. The transparent glass cover is scratch-resistant and durable. Waterproof LED lighting offers a perfect sight on the objects. The ergonomically designed unit is also fitted with arm seals for improved user comfort.ERGORET MINI benchtop with optional magnifying glass.


  • REITEL Feinwerktechnik