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Lower-Saxony Chamber of Crafts Export-tour 2016 visits REITEL in Bad Essen

Stainless steel manufacturer based in Bad Essen informs about export activities in the crafts and trade sector

REITEL was the second stop on the occasion of the export tour, organised by the Lower-Saxony Chamber of Crafts and Trade last Wednesday (16.11.2016). During the morning members of the state parliament of Lower-Saxony, representatives of the city of Osnabrück and county as well as representatives of the Chamber of Crafts and Trade gained information about REITEL’s export activities. With its stainless steel manufacturing, REITEL is strongly anchored in the crafts and trade sector.

Daniel Reitel, Managing Director and Christian Rösch, Sales director moderated the event by giving a first-hand insight into everyday business: Starting with a brief presentation, followed by a tour through the manufacturing facilities in Bad Essen, near Osnabrück, 15 visitors gained a comprehensive impression of REITEL’s international trade activities.

First the products and customer target groups were presented: For example, a casting unit mainly addresses dental technicians – a steam cleaner in turn is also perfectly suited for restoration work and for jewellery manufacturing.

The attending institutions already benefit from REITEL-Products: educational institutions like e.g. Chambers of Crafts and Trade, where dental technicians of tomorrow are trained or universities, equipped with high quality REITEL products for teaching purposes.

On request REITEL develops customised solutions for industry customers. For example, recently a special stainless steel device for nitrogen applications was delivered to Austria.

The visitors were quite impressed when they were shown around the manufacturing facilities. On the basis of a recently developed prototype Daniel Reitel visualised what sets the brand REITEL apart: functionality, intuitive operating elements and high quality in stainless steel – made in Germany.

„Different countries, different customs“ – Presentation of challenges resulting from foreign trade provided the visitors with plenty of interesting topics for discussions. In addition to country-specific customs regulations and tax legislation also device-specific features need to be adhered to.

Incorporating many such aspects, REITEL has successfully taken up the challenge of doing international business and has gained worldwide recognition of its product line for more than 30 years.


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