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Protect your steam cleaner from dangerous deposits!

How to use steam cleaners in lime-rich regions

The most popular devices of the REITEL company definitely are the steam cleaners! These are frequently used multi-purpose devices in dental laboratories as well as in dental practices. No matter at which point of the work process you are – objects always have to be cleaned!

We offer three different types of steam cleaners - depending on requirements. For small commercial dental laboratories or practice laboratories we recommend the manually filled STEAMY MINI with 3.5 litres tank volume. For large dental laboratories, in which a steam cleaner usually is much more frequented and faster cleaning is desirable, we recommend the manually filled SUPERSTEAM or the automatically filled TRONADA for connection to the water supply - each with 5 litres tank volume. Although operation of the steam cleaners is very easy, a few things should be respected to ensure a long service life! We asked our service team what is important to know:

"The most important thing when filling a steam cleaner is using soft water to prevent scale formation" says Dirk Oelgeschläger – he is responsible for repairing defective steam cleaners. "Sometimes customers claim a dripping gun, lack of heating power or that the RCD switch keeps tripping. But then it‘s often too late and the device has to be sent to us for repair." In order to avoid unnecessary costs related to this kind of repairs, we recommend our customers to use any steam cleaner with lime-reduced water - whether manually or automatically refillable.

Unfortunately, naturally soft water is not found in every region, as the graphic shows. "We have already experienced that we had to replace a heating element after just one year, because it was damaged due to limescale deposits," says Hartwig Schulte - also a service technician at REITEL, "in lime-rich regions, this offens happens after a short time. In any case, either a water softening device must be installed or the device needs descaling every two weeks. "

We offer the REITEL DELIMER COMFORT softening device, perfectly suited as an intermediate unit between the TRONADA and the water supply line. The DELIMER COMFORT can also be used for the manually refillable steam cleaners STEAMY MINI and SUPERSTEAM. This is possible by installation of an optional water tap for manual removal of water. The water softening device includes an ion exchanger without any filter cartridge. The practical side effect of the REITEL water softening device is that there is no necessity to buy distilled water.

As an alternative to the DELIMER COMFORT, we offer the REITEL descaler for all manually fillable steam cleaners. Regularly applied, it also prevents limescale deposits in the appliances and damage caused thereby.


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