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Counteract health risks in the dental laboratory!

REITEL offers solutions to effectively prevent culture media for germs

Dental laboratories are known to produce a great deal of dust and vapor that can pose a health risk. Every dental technician particularly knows the place where the steam cleaner is located. The water vapor releases potential germs into the air that are landing everywhere on surfaces or in another person’s eyes, nose or mouth. So it is not surprising that the moisture enters materials that should actually remain completely dry - such as plaster or abrasive. What many do not know is that tiny droplets of water even affect the accuracy of scanners and milling devices.

These are many annoying factors that can easily be avoided. For just such purpose, Reitel has developed the BIOSTEAM CENTER. It‘s a steam center with integrated extraction and a large tank in which water is collected while steam cleaning. The operating principle is extremely simple: Within the generously sized chamber, you clean your dental objects with your steam cleaner as usual. Occurring steam is automatically extracted into a special filter. The bright LED lighting provides a clear view on the object, glasses do not fog and humidity in the dental laboratory remains at a normal level, ensuring perfect working conditions. Wax and adhesive residues are directly collected in the BIOSTEAM CENTER and bound in the fleece inlay.

The BIOSTEAM CENTER is equipped with a special three-filter system, which, in addition to the absorption of waxes, also ensures that germs are filtered out of the air. If required, the filters can be changed easily so that you will enjoy your laboratory device for a long time. Furthermore, stainless steel guarantess a certain „basic hygiene“. It's not for nothing that stainless steel is usually used in clinics and hospitals, since it has an an antibacterial surface „by nature“. Once coated with the Reitel stainless steel spray, contaminated stainless steel surfaces can easily be cleaned with hot steam. Thanks to the drain hose and the left and right-hand connections, you can set up the device anywhere in the laboratory, granting you high flexibility. Your sink is kept free of contaminations and you will benefit from increased flexibility and productivity in the lab. The footswitch, which allows you to conveniently switch the steam center on and off, ensures more freedom to the operator .

The BIOSTEAM steam center can be operated with any steam cleaner (e.g. the Reitel STEAMY MINI).


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