Sandblasting units SANDURET / SANDUBLAST special offer

Waldemar Mohr
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Don't bury your had in the sand!

With every SANDURET or SANDUBLAST you get 10 kg REITEL GLANZ glass beads or 10 kg REITEL KORUND with a

grain size of your choice - this promotion is valid until 30.06.2022!

REITEL Glanz, 50 mμ, Order-No. 90441000

REITEL Glanz, 125 mμ, Order-No. 90441010

REITEL KORUND, 50 mμ, Order-No. 90442000

REITEL KORUND, 110 mμ, Order-No. 90442010

REITEL KORUND, 250 mμ, Order-No. 90442020

SANDURET specifications:

»» REITEL quick stop

»» durable carbide nozzles

»» air blast nozzle

»» heated chambers offer a constant flow of the abrasive, selector switch allows for quick change of abrasive

»» safety glass panel with protective foil

»» integrated LED interior lighting

»» inlet pressure regulator, water separator and filter avoid unnecessary maintenance and keep downtime to a minimum

»» breathable leather gauntlets

»» Price from 1.750,– €

SANDUBLAST specifications:

»» recycling blasting material is reused several times

»» bright LED interior lighting

»» durable nozzle can be fixed at any angle

»» powerful pressure of max. 6 bar

»» saftety glass panel with protective foil

»» long life nozzle

»» foot pedal operation

»» Price from 1.750,– €

Sandblasting units SANDURET / SANDUBLAST special offer

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