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Waxlectric light : An introduction to efficient waxing-up

Like the Waxlectric, the advantages of these units are quality, speed and simplicity:

20% saving in waxing-up time, as separate heating of the instrument is no longer required.

50% saving in waxing up time (wax up twice as fast) when used with the Waxprofi (refer to page 60) in prosthetics or the Vario E (refer to page 58) in crown and bridge work, as separate heating of the waxes is also no longer required.

No contraction of the pattern, as the wax is not overheated or burned.

The technician is able to concentrate on the pattern rather than on the materials and instruments.

Easier waxing up on the model, as the wax knife is constantly at the optimum working temperature.


  • Renfert