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NEW: physical therapy device / electro-stimulation pad by Hans Dinslage

EMS Sixpack Pad for application on the stomach

EMS (Electronic muscle stimulation) -for muscle training and regeneration

Soft and flexible, comfortable and safe

Targeted usage

Adjustable intensity (15 levels)

Automatic switch-off

Battery can be replaced

Incl. self-adhesive gel film set

Incl. 1 x 3V battery CR2032

Product measurements: 170 x 170 x 13 mm

Product weight: approx. 69 g (with battery)

Item no.: 647.13

Replacement set SEM 15 EMS Sixpack Pad

1 x Gel-film-set (self-adhesive)

1 x 3 V battery CR 2032

Item no.: 647.26


  • Hans Dinslage