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SCHILLER congratulates on the 1000th PowerCube® Body+

Modern lung laboratory: GANSHORN breaks the 1000 mark and continues to grow

On 19 May 2021, the 1000th PowerCube® Body+ rolled off the production line at GANSHORN in Niederlauer (Germany). SCHILLER congratulates GANSHORN on this milestone.

PowerCube® Body+ is a body plethysmograph to measure lung and breathing parameters, such as breathing resistance, residual volume or total lung capacity. "In 2011, we were able to launch the fourth generation of the modern lung laboratory, the PowerCube® Body+. This was the first device with flow measurement based on ultrasound technology. This technology is now considered the gold standard, which is why we are an indispensable part of the pneumology industry in Germany and also of hospitals abroad. Since then, we have quadrupled the sales of this device," explains Dr Stefan Ponto, GANSHORN Executive Vice President, with a brief look into the past.

SCHILLER is proud to have had the successful company GANSHORN as a part of the SCHILLER Group already since 2014. From the SCHILLER headquarters in Baar/Switzerland, a hearty congratulations goes out to GANSHORN in Niederlauer/Germany.


  • Industriestraße, Niederlauer, Germany