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SCHILLER launches the MRI-compatible patient monitor MAGLIFE RT-1

The MAGLIFE RT-1 performs patient monitoring in an MRI environment including all necessary vital parameters during anaesthesia.

The MAGLIFE RT-1 allows for close monitoring during the examination and can be fully controlled from outside the Faraday cage via the MAGSCREEN RT-1. The system is designed for all patients: adults, children and neonates.

Technological innovations

Thanks to unique know how, SCHILLER is one of the leaders in designing, producing and selling devices based on this technology. Moreover, SCHILLER introduces a new parameter in MRI-compatible patient monitoring by offering the ability to monitor respiratory mechanics through its spirometry option. SCHILLER has already added a brand-new technology, the wireless ECG and SpO2 sensors.

User-friendliness at the highest level

The MAGLIFE RT-1 uses a patented ECG processing which guarantees a very high-gradient artifact immunity. It offers optical temperature measurement for safe operation and immunity to electromagnetic interference. MAGLINK, a safe Faraday-cage penetration system based on fibre optics, ethernet and WLAN, enables the communication between MAGLIFE RT-1 and MAGSCREEN RT-1.

MAGLIFE RT-1 is available in 7 different configurations. Equipped with a large 15.6" colour touch screen, the MAGLIFE RT-1 offers a powerful Touch'n'Save interface. In addition to the many features of the device, the MAGLIFE RT-1 is also compatible with MRI systems from any manufacturer that have a field strength between 0.2 and 3 Tesla.



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