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The New Road of Successful Tattoo Artists

The Precious Treasure in Our hands

Success is not easy, especially after staying in a career for a long time, it is a great decision to transform again.

Mr.Er is one of my customer who located in NYC and own a great career of scalp micropigmentation technology, he is a successful artist in the world and has many fans.

One day he found us in our website of beauty machine, he said he want the best device for his tattoo career and want strat new bussiness of laser beauty machine in his hometown.

He send me a list of many different machines such as picosecond laser, hair removal, hydrofacial machine, LED machine and so on.

The production process of the machine is very smooth, and a large number of machines are produced soon, we have professional group with after sale service and engineers, sending information about machine production, tracking information and technical guidance 24 hours .

Recently, I received a good news he held a grand launch, and as a partner of beauty equipment dealers, all came to congratulate him. Even the local TV station came and made a interview, I’m so happy for him!


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