Wearable Sleep Apnea Monitor

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Wearable Sleep Apnea Monitor


BM2000A is used to gather the data of SpO2 and Pulse Rate while people are sleeping.

The watch can store the data by itself over 20 hours; and the data is transmitted to the

software APP via Bluetooth, then the APP is going to do the sleep quality analysis according

to the data of SpO2 and Pulse Rate, and give a monitoring re port regarding OSAHS, AHI etc...

The analysis re port can be exported via email, facebook, twitter, etc..

The comprehensive and reliable diagnosis re port will instruct the further therapy.

It is applicable to overnight monitoring with sleep and respiration monitoring device,

especially for obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome.


Watch type, light weight.

Simple and convenient, get all function with one key operation.

Color OLED display of SpO2, Pulse Rate, Pulse intensity bargraph, and Plethysmogram,

indication of battery, Bluetooth.

Low power consumption, built-in 3.7v rechargeable lithium battery lasting 20 hours.

Automatically screen off after 30s; automatic shutdown after 10mimutes when probe off

or no finger in testing; Long push 3s to shut down.

High accuracy under the condition of low perfusion.

Free App, exporting sleeep report for free.

CE, FDA approved.

Wearable Sleep Apnea Monitor

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